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Space Btwn

100% Profits

Space Btwn is a true social enterprise meaning all profits are invested in impact partners growing access to mindfulness. This means 100% of profit from your purchase is currently invested in the work of Mindful Schools.

Mindful Schools

Today’s schools face rising rates of stress, anxiety, isolation and trauma, amplified by two deadly and often invisible pandemics—the coronavirus and institutional racism.

Mindful Schools empowers educators to cultivate equitable, joyful learning environments. With a network of more than 60,000 educators implementing and scaling access to mindfulness in schools, they are nurturing a new generation of leaders.

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Your gift enables educators and students to develop inner resources, encouraging greater awareness, attention and compassionate action through:

• Mindfulness programs for under-resourced schools
• Professional development and support for educators
• Research-based mindfulness curriculum
• Equity in Action Scholarships for educators


“Between stimulus and response there is space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

—Viktor Frankl

Our Story

It started with two friends in a coffee shop, both experiencing loss and the teachings that come from it.

Alana and Brian were reflecting on the importance of building tools that can elevate the highs and supportduring the lows – and recognized from experience, that mindfulness practice was the most accessiblemental health tool.

In the past, those who took to a path of focused meditation renounced their material lives. And yet today,the mindfulness path felt accessible only to those who could afford the tools or the time away from dailyresponsibilities.

A 10-day vipassana is free for participants. You are cared for with food and shelter. Then in return you offeran optional donation to support someone else in having the experience. Connecting this relationshipbetween personal transformation and support of collective transformation, SPACE BTWN was born.

We created a kit of the mindfulness essentials (yoga mat, portable meditation cushion, carry case andplatforms to master teachers), with a design that fits your space and lifestyle, and proceeds supportingmindfulness education tools for at-risk schools. Inner transformation in support of collective.Increasing the space between stimulus and response. For all beings.